RANT: “Yeah, well, if they’re so POOR and UNDERPRIVILEDGED and NEED welfare so much, why are so many of them fat?!”

( pasted from a rant on Plurk by my best friend )

I’ve been seeing the OP statement & variants thereof cropping up a lot lately in arguments demonizing the poor/those in need of assistance. Almost always used as some kid of “gotcha” moment.  

Invariably, this particular politurd seems to drop from the sphincterlips of some clueless scrub who also rails about the evils of socialism (or “soshlizm,” if you will).

The reason for it is both simple, and obvious, as was commented several times on this post’s previous incarnation- the most affordable food, at least that edible with the least preparation & expertise, term, tends to be the shittiest- fast food, prepackaged “meals” that are one step up from dogfood- theoretically, at least, since I don’t buy that they aren’t actually worsethat Hannah Baby’s “Cesar,” in reality), chips, super-processed fake fucking synthfood, etc.

The thing that pisses me off so much about this, though, isn’t even the sheer, unmitigated fuckhead ignorance that’s right there, front and center on the surface- it’s the deeper later of uneducated fucking stupid that lurks behind that, that rouses me to actual, genuine anger.

The argument, ultimately, boils down to “If the poor were being treated unfairly compared to the corporations (i.e., the machinery through which the majority of the rich become rich/er), then why’re they so damn fat?!” (Extra points for sucking in the tubgut as much as you can and still maintain a goofy smirk beneath sparkly bovine eyes while asking!)

And, of course, the less money you have, the crappier the food you can afford, which is, naturally, met with an eyeroll, and usually, some assertion of “Then they should cook more!” since, of course, it is totally that easy, and since we all have an endless supply of time, energy, and expertise. “How’s that McRomneyTech’s fault?!”

Or, even better, “That ain’t the fault of rich people!”

Except, actually?

It is.   

Not just the huge amounts of cash being sucked out of society like blood from the neck of Lucy Westenra, nor from the “outsourcing” of “non-critical” and “unskilled/menial labor” jobs and so forth. Rather, the entire reason the poor frequently end up eating such enfattening, base-level pseudo-food is the rich themselves.

This shit isn’t being bought from Silky the Chip Dealer down on the corner. Nobody lives in fear of Herve the Colombian McNuggetlord in the barrio.

Those poor souls unfortunate enough to have seven, eight, or even nine digits in front of the decimal in their bank accounts, our much-maligned “poorness-impaired” members of society, they’re not only reaping the benefits of paying less in taxes on $400k/year than, say, a  greedy-ass high school teacher living like 18th century French royalty on their vast yearly sum of $40k, but they’re also the ones in     control of commodities pricing, the ones selling SortaFood Brand Food-Like Body Additives at the Stop-N-Bloat, while simultaneously not only undercutting the small-operation produce suppliers on price, but also locking up sweetheart deals for distribution, buying family farm loans from banks so they can then lean-by-lien on the poor sucker who thought a man’s word actually means something in the suit-and-tie circles, who sell at a loss to put small operation competition either out of business or so far into the red that they sell off just to survive, and so on, and so on, and so on.

That is what truly incites me about this shit- not just the fact that people are driven to the point of feeling like eating microbiotic convenience polymers is the only way they can feed their families and themselves, but the fact that the same people wailing about what an unbearable hardship being asked to pull their own fucking weight (HINT: THE DUDE WORKING ANY FUCKING MENIAL SHITASS JOB HE CAN FIND FOR THE ABSOLUTE LOWEST WAGE HE CAN LEGALLY BE PAID, JUST SO HE CAN ACTUALLY BUY THE KIDS SOMETHING THATISN’T 2ND HAND FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR) then turn around and rake in record profits for the Nth year running on those same garbage foods, and then?

Turn around and spend six times what fair taxes would cost them to fund lobbyists to fight against that possibility- and *FUCKING WRITE THAT OFF ON THEIR GOD DAMNED TAXES*, in turn.

And people defend this. Doggedly, even rabidly- many of the very same people getting fucked by the very corporate cock they’re abasing themselves before.

But, of course- it’s all the fault of the poor, since everybody knows, they’re the ones with all the real power and influence in politics.

And the blacks who’re all on welfare, even though not only are the majority of people on welfare white, but red state honkeys, at that.

It seems somehow fitting that the only way these idiots can win- in the true sense of the word-, the only way they can really survive and hope to maybe, maybe one day thrive in a sense beyond beer, babymakin’, and battery, is if they lose at everything they so vehemently demand to be handed the victory they’re “entitled” to.

If they ever actually win the way want to, everybody who lives in the real world loses- them, most of all.

Fucking ignorant dipshits.

                   - Devil Mad